Design, comfort, materials skilfully crafted by artisans are what distinguish fasem armchairs. Cosy, elegant, functional and relaxing, they give a unique touch to their surroundings.

Thanks to the many combinations of materials in the upholstery and structure, fasem armchairs can be cleverly integrated into different environments.

Different lines: curved, rigorous, soft, fine, slender; always elegant and clean, ideal in different environments thanks to a recognisable and respectful style, full of character.

The fasem chairs and armchairs can be placed around a dining table, embellishing a living room with a decisive touch, in a quiet corner in the bedroom or, even, to enhance the design of a desk.

The combination of materials allows for ultimate liveability.

The fasem stools denote solidity, elegance and strength by combining materials such as steel and leather, which allow for the creation of different versions: classic, young, dynamic, comfortable and durable.

High, low, swivelling and adjustable.

The exquisite craftsmanship of fasem makes them ‘eternal’.

Whether at work or at home, the offices designed by fasem stand out for the attention to detail that distinguishes their functional, elegant and multi-purpose products: tables, storage units and armchairs. 

fasem’s ‘must-haves’ return in the new home office collection with all the power of quality materials, technical research and craftsmanship.

A collection that exudes rare elegance and power. Research and development in the use of materials make it possible to create impactful, personalised tables while maintaining rigour in the form, sturdiness and versatility.

A fasem table speaks for itself.

Craftsmanship finds creative expression in the accessories.

Those curious details, the expression of fasem products, are united and harmonised in a wider collection but are always impeccable on their own.

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