Each natural stone top is unique and cannot be replicated. It gives your environment elegance and refinement. Surfaces that evoke history, available in different varieties, sizes and thicknesses made to measure, processed with special polishing treatments for the visible parts, as well as light and natural processes to protect against liquids and stains.


Marble is a natural element characterised mainly by distinctive colours and veining. No material can be compared to marble: elegant, precious, unique and inimitable. Among the precious stones, marble is the most widely used material in the field of furnishing accessories because of its characteristics: aesthetic appearance, durability and resistance.

800 white Carrara marble

White marble texture background, abstract marble texture (natural patterns) for design.

810 white arabescato marble

Close up of a marble textured wall

820 Emperador marble

Close up of a black marble background

830 classic light travertine

quality marble, stone texture with natural veins

green Guatemala marble



Granite is created by the cooling and subsequent crystallisation of magma.
The special characteristic of granite is its hardness, which can only be worked on with modern machinery and techniques.
Granite countertops are remarkably hardwearing, perfect for those looking for a natural material that is practical, beautiful and long-lasting.

840 matt black flamed granite



Ekotek® is the result of a combination of highly selected resins composed of natural minerals and pigments.
The characteristic ‘non-toxicity’, hence the name eco (as in ‘environmentally friendly’), makes the material perfectly suitable for furniture.
The surface, velvety to the touch and free of craters, guarantees easy cleaning.
Ekotek® is a CATAS certified product.

900 Ekotek®

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