For almost forty years, the fasem brand has been synonymous with high-quality metal and leather chairs and accessories: objects handcrafted by great Masters of Design. All processes are carried out in Tuscany using the best materials available on the market: leather and full-grain leather, metal and steel for long life and great aesthetic results, and hand-turned wood.

Each product is individually checked to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards. Customer service is equally attentive and we offer the possibility of customised processing. The fasem brand products furnish private homes, executive offices, hotels, clubs, bars and prestigious restaurants in over sixty countries around the world: timeless objects made to last forever.

Their story begins in Tuscany, around Pisa, where the Medici sent Vasari and Buontalenti to redesign the city according to the criteria of Florentine architecture. In this same area, between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, villages and businesses flourished along the main trade routes, and the arts and high craftsmanship linked to canvas, glass and leather developed. And it is precisely the grain of the leather that establishes fasem‘s bond with Tuscan tradition, firmly united with the present through design and technological innovation. In its factory, the manual skills of craftsmen have always been combined with modern chrome-plating systems and assembly lines typical of a modern company.

Full-grain leather, synonymous with beauty and resistance, is one of our greatest strengths framed in a corporate strategy aimed at quality and distinction. In its 40 years of history, fasem has developed a constant collaboration with internationally renowned designers, proposing innovative home and contract furniture collections, capable of expressing a strong brand, project and product identity.

fasem‘s core business is full-grain leather and premium leather seating with a steel frame. Alternative materials – such as hand-turned wood – are used when the shape and style of the product require it. Chairs, stools, large and small armchairs are designed for a refined customer who appreciates their intrinsic quality, the almost maniacal attention to detail and the understated contemporary design or one based on trends but destined to last over time. The company offers a range of tables, desks and coffee tables, completed by a range of complementary furniture.

fasem products have a non-invasive but always decisive personality, and this makes them much loved products once they become part of your personal sphere, in the living area or in the home office of one’s private home. At the same time, they are products that can be placed in a managerial work environment, a waiting area in prestigious offices, or high-level reception areas and convivial spaces (Horeca).

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